Week 2

After struggling with where to go with my thesis, and getting myself uncomfortably stuck on my next move I decided to go out and just take pictures of anything. It had just snowed and I came across a row of brownstones that had been encased in ice. I came to the conclusion from this outing that my idea for my thesis had become less about a self exploration and more about a forced formula of lighting and drama. I realized that my life wasn’t actually like that at all either, granted, this was my dream life I was capturing, but although is resonated with my dreams it did not reflect anything of me as a person. Now I am considering creating images that reflect my life, as it is. I go to work, I go to class, I do homework, as a senior my life is really boring, my love life is undramatic, everything is really just static. Within that static is the uneasiness though that it is all going to end in about three months. This is what I plan to capture, as a mirror to my photographs from first semester, a document of my life as it is now.ice1



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