Post Four

I think I’m finally starting to get somewhere with my most recent photos, Theres something nice in the reality of the shot but with a slight twist. That something isn’t quite right. Taking something mundane and making it a little weird, which I think ties it in nicely with what I was doing last semester working with dreams and also reflections. I’m going to revisit my Bathtub Photo today and see if I can push that farther because currently it lies kindof in limbo between my dream sequence and this sequence.





Week 3

So i’m not really sure if its actually week three.. but it feels like week three considering we’ve had two classes.

Starting work on photography my life as it appears I starting thinking about my daily rituals, which includes a lot of laptop time, book reading, staring at screens. I also have recently decided that washing my hair all the time is killing it so it’s been living essentially in a side braid most of the days of the week, it’s also the only way that my hair doesn’t become one massive unmanageable dread. So thinking about the movements of braiding my hair I thought this would be a nice place to start my pictures.



after about 100 shots of me braiding my hair I sifted through and found the ones where my hand movements were reflected the best, in motion but also discernible.

~~La la la, whatever

Week 2

After struggling with where to go with my thesis, and getting myself uncomfortably stuck on my next move I decided to go out and just take pictures of anything. It had just snowed and I came across a row of brownstones that had been encased in ice. I came to the conclusion from this outing that my idea for my thesis had become less about a self exploration and more about a forced formula of lighting and drama. I realized that my life wasn’t actually like that at all either, granted, this was my dream life I was capturing, but although is resonated with my dreams it did not reflect anything of me as a person. Now I am considering creating images that reflect my life, as it is. I go to work, I go to class, I do homework, as a senior my life is really boring, my love life is undramatic, everything is really just static.¬†Within that static is the uneasiness though that it is all going to end in about three months. This is what I plan to capture, as a mirror to my photographs from first semester, a document of my life as it is now.ice1


Week One

So you all saw these pictures in our big group meeting, I’m continuing to work on my thesis from last semester this semester. I’m pretty stuck as to where to go from here. At my final critique the professors all agreed that my photos did not really get across what I had initially wanted. That being that they didn’t accurately depict my anxieties, and did not push the concept far enough about being nightmares or even dreams. So where I’m at now is really making decisions about how to do what I set out to, how to create images that if not cause the viewer to sympathize with the character that I am portraying in my thesis.